About Opportunity:

SCSY is a crisis simulation conference happening October 13-16, 2016 that brings together college students from around the world to debate modern economic, political and social crises in a seminar-style policy-council format. The SCSY secretariat has gathered together the university’s diverse range of students and professors to produce a collection of exciting simulations. topics range from the USSR presidium 1953, to Korea 2055, to Ralph Lauren’s board of directors and even to game of thrones. the committees’ fast-paced crises and innovative use of social media will immerse delegates in thought-provoking deliberations.
Venue: Yale University, New Haven, USA
Program date: October 13 to October 16, 2016
Deadline: October 1, 2016
Criteria: University and College Students
Official Link: http://scsy-yira.org