Climate change is here and is already impacting a lot of countries. We need to send out a message for developed countries to take urgent climate action.

Together with Oxfam, we will be giving out 2 fully funded fellowships for a speakers tour in Germany in 2017. The fellows will go around Germany to talk to different audience about why climate action should be taken right now.


What is the speakers tour about?

Oxfam Germany in cooperation with Climate Tracker offers a unique opportunity: A two week speakers tour through Germany for two climate activists from the Global South. This is a great opportunity to bring your voice to Germany and tell the people about the impacts of climate change in your community and region. The tour will happen in March 2017.

By the speakers tour we will raise awareness in the German public about the dramatic impacts of climate change in the Global South and want to convince people and politicians in Germany to commit to more ambitious climate action.

Why a speakers tour in Germany?

Climate change is already hitting the world’s poorest people hardest. Rich countries like Germany have contributed the most to climate change, in particular due to their massive use of dirty energy like coal. Therefore rich countries have a particular responsibility to fight climate change ambitiously and should lead the way in phasing out coal and other fossil fuels as soon as possible.

What will happen on the tour?

During the tour the two speakers from the South will talk about the impacts of climate change in their own live or community/country at public events and talk to politicians, journalists and climate-activists. Moreover they will visit one of the biggest coal mining regions in Europe and learn more about climate policy and climate-activism in Germany.

Who can apply?

Everyone from the Global South who fights climate change and its consequences – for example as activists or through other work. You should speak fluent English and feel comfortable to give presentations and speeches and talk to media.
You also should be available for 10-14 days in March 2017 – that’s when the tour will take place.

How will the two speakers be selected?

To be in the run for the speakers tour please write an one-page article about how climate change affects your country or your own life. Feel free to refer to personal experiences or your own work and observations.You may write about…

…impacts of climate change in your country/region/community,

…personal experiences like impacts in your own life or your personal work/activism on climate change,

…why it is so important to keep global temperatures below 1.5 degrees.

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