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Nilson Chapagain
Ambassadors 2017

Nilson Chapagain, aged 16, residing in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a dynamic person with interest in Physics, Social works and conservation of the environment and heritages. He is an executive member of, Teenage Society of Nepal (TSN), a group of teenagers who are interested in social service and a high school final year’s student at Xavier international college in A-levels stream.

Born and brought up in a far-flung village named Gauradaha-9 of Jhapa district, Nepal. He did not had an easy access to the school, let alone books and library. Students from his village had to walk an hour to reach the school every day. In his community, only handful of people could read and write well then. Most of the children in his village had to go to work with their parents and collect firewood, or graze cattle. Given the situation, he was a fortunate as he had a luxury to go to the school.

Ten years down the line, the face of the country changed. Several education programmers were launched. However, the situation of most of the society stayed still in sorry state. Poverty, unemployment, violation to human rights, corruption were at the top problems. Similar problems were in his community and he get inspired from the change he saw by the efforts of the youths in his community. The educated youths united and begun their campaigns like establishing school for poor families, informal education to uneducated adult peoples in the society and the drastic change was the result of that effort. Therefore, Nilson decided to involve is such activities and contribute for well being of the societies.

Nilson completed his study to grade 10 from, Mount Everest English School,a school in his native district. Because of his excellent result, he got an opportunity to complete high school from a high school in the capital of the country. He is currently in last year of the high school study from Xavier international college in A-levels stream.

Being in the capital of the country, he got more friends who are willing t serve the society like him and therefore came up with an idea to recruit all those friends and establish a small social organization where the teenagers get involved and try to solve the problems in the society from their level. This eventually resulted the creation of a social organization named –Teenage Society of Nepal (TSN). Then he got involved in social works like- helping a bold cancer 8 years old girl whose parents did not have enough money to treat her by organizing funding campaigns, establishing a library to a school named Ishwory lower secondary school where students who did not even have enough access to the books .

Physics is his best subject of interest beside social works and he has a dream to understand nature (environment) with aid of physics. He wants to complete this quest by joining a good foreign university as the university education system in his country is still in developing phase and mostly based on lecture education than practical based education. Beside his study, Nilson want to see the peoples in his country become educated so that most of them could give advice their elected government administrators to tackle the problems the needy are facing and being a citizen of the land of peace and birth of lord Gautama Buddha he wants to spread education to conserve environment, protect heritages and be united to the people in his country and to the peoples in the world.

How do you motivae the youths living in developing world for the better future?

“Youths are the future.” We often hear this line as it is youth who will have the full responsibility of the society, country and the world. Youth offer vibrancy and energy on any work they do but they neither have learned the art of cynicism nor the injustice. Therefore, if they can be motivated with different acts to deal difficulties and proper education to serve humanity especially in the developing countries the better future can be possible.

There are children in countries like Ethiopia where they die of hunger and be the supper of the vultures hovering above them, mothers holding breath who are in intense need of medical care, mine fields in countries like Mozambique where 10 to 12 peoples dies every week. If these kinds of heart touching issues are acknowledged to youths with proper training to help victims, their confidence boosts and they involve in reducing such threats until there are no problems.

Future is not good only if youths are involved in action to tackle problems. There must be good policies maker and administrators so that any developing country do not have to be in crisis of proper ruler. It is the administrators who directly or indirectly handle every problems existing. The administrators gather throughout the world to discuss several world issues as well and the group of good administrator never invites the war in the world. If therefore good education system with proper leadership schemes can be introduced the youth feel more easy and motivated to apply their learned education techniques in their work and become the good administrator.

Furthermore, the attempt to create better future cannot be successful unless it is initiated from the root level- the society. Youths are like seeds who if are taken good care, they grow to be the tree with strong trunk to build strong house (the nation). Mostly the problems like social discrimination, child abuse arise from the societies especially in the developing countries. If youths in such countries are taken good care, taught to respect people, be moral and participated in activities like social service, conservation of the nature and heritages, from small age, obviously they do same in the future as they would feel like it is their duty to do so. In this way the problems like social discrimination in the name of race, caste, ends creating the united society.

Thus, it is the mind which decides to do and not to do and if the youths can be acknowledged with positive knowledge the brain always decides positive. Therefore, the prime focus is the education and training to youths in developing countries which is responsible for better and safe future.