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Shakthidharan Buwaneshwaran
Ambassadors 2017

His name is Shakthidharan Buwaneshwaran, and people call him as Shakthi. He is a very active and motivational person. He is from colombo. volunteering has been his passion and profession as well. He is currently volunteering with many NGO'S and foundations for the betterment of mankind and to solve many social issues prevailing in the society.

He is currently the SUN FORCE official volunteer and the brigade leader of the project Europe- Sri Lanka Sunfo youth network. Chief Ambassador of Europe- Sri Lanka Sunfo youth ambassadors council. And youth volunteer at FPA. He is also a part of V-Force at UN. He is also the sri lankan ambassador of Ashoka, and involved in recruiting co ambassadors and is responsible for recruiting youth ventures and to build forums. Working in CMB volunteers for organizing events and meetings. He was appointed as a volunteer leader of RURI Foundation and was then promoted as the volunteer manager due to his performance

. Generally a very pleasant interesting character with a smiling face always. Interested in travelling and adventures, loves to admire nature, and enjoys even small aspects of nature. He also does classes for small children free of charge, and encourages them to learn more things, such as minute scientific factors and even about their cultures and other cultures, and motivates them in achieving success and also teaches them how they should welcome and respect other cultures and religions. This is done by him under the WARNA DEVESHWARAR Hindu Religious School which was started by a set of youth in his society. He is a free lance translator and volunteer at Hash Tag Generation as well.

How do you motivae the youths living in developing world for the better future?

I believe you need not to know the meaning of motivation, because motivation is a feeling which comes in you while you are moving towards your goal. Its like a fire burning and the spark in you which leads you to your destiny. motivation is the key factor which creates a willingness and huge amount of driving force to do something useful and achieve something great. So motivation is an important ingredient that every person should have and specially every leader should have. So that they could create more leaders with motivation and lead them more energetically with motivation.

When a leader motivates his team and leads them with motivation, the team will always have the willingness and the driving force in them to always to do more things and to develop their ability to do their best. So coming to the point, the main way of motivating the youth is through volunteering, leadership, which means empowering them to become leaders in their city, and through collective friendship working, for social cause. Mainly we can develop them through volunteering, many youth in sri lanka work for many well known NGO's and for many social causes by using a very effective tool of volunteering. And we believe that working together collectively through volunteering brings us more friends more contacts and more opportunities as well. so if you motivate them to solve the society's problems and issues obviously they and the other neighboring people are going to live a happy problem free life. So through volunteering volunteers emerge and through volunteers, leaders are created. so by the ability and mentality of volunteering, volunteer leaders are created and they volunteerly work for the societies issues and in future they become the official leaders of our country and society, so this helps them in building a better future and for the development of the world as well. So the main way that i would motivate the youth is by volunteering and i would encourage them to volunteer, so that they get to learn many useful things informally and formally, officially and unofficially as well.