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Application Open for Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery)

DV Result  2022 (Diversity Visa) will be announced today!!

Fully Funded
Country: USA
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DV Result  2022 (Diversity Visa) will be announced today!!

The 2022 DV Results will today (8th May 2021). The DV Lottery is congressionally mandated and allows up to 55,000 people from various nations to the United States of America to qualify each year for immigrant visas which are also known as Green Cards.

This program is called the “Green Card Lottery” or “DV Lottery” as the winners are determined through a random drawing from among the 10-12 million people who enter each year from around the world.


A US Green Card gives you the legal right to live and work permanently in the United States. In addition, you have almost all the rights of a US citizen!

The US Green Card is one of the most sought-after immigration visas worldwide. Holders of this Permanent Resident Card can benefit from a variety of advantages:

  • unlimited entry to the USA – no need for a US Visa or ESTA anymore!
  • Live without restrictions in any US state.
  • Holding of the previous citizenship.
  • After three or five years you can apply for US citizenship

The US Green Card has something for everyone so the other benefits are:

As an employee

  • Work visa is no longer required.
  • Free choice of employer.
  • Indefinite employment contracts and change of employer are no problem.
  • Less strict work requirements than for other non-Americans.

As Self- employed person

Certain limited permits, such as business licenses or trade licenses, can be obtained more easily and quickly.

  • As a Student
  • Studying in the US without a student visa.
  • Tuition fees can be reduced by up to 80%.

As a pensioner

  • Legal and permanent immigration for retirement.
  • Entitlement to pension insurance earned in the USA and in your home country, e.g. Germany.
  • Entitlement to medical care and other state social benefits.

Note: For this entitlement, you must have lived in the USA for at least five years

How long is a Green Card valid?

Once you have received the Green Card, it is valid for a lifetime and can only be revoked under the above conditions. However, the Permanent Resident Card must be renewed after ten years, similar to an identity card e.g.. If you fail to comply with this renewal, you will be liable to pay a fine.

Do I have to Immigrate?

The US authorities only issue a Green Card if they are convinced of the applicant’s intention to immigrate. Therefore, the permanent residence permit should not be regarded as a possibility to enter the USA for business or holiday trips in the future. Instead, the focus must be on long-term emigration.

However, especially in the initial period after receiving the Green Card, the authorities are aware that not everyone is able to suddenly give up their previous life and move to the USA. Therefore, especially in the first one to three years, commuting between the United States and the home country is not a problem.

However, it must be ensured that after receiving the Green Card, one may not leave the USA for more than 12 months. Already from 6 months of absence, unpleasant questions regarding the absence and the actual intention to immigrate may arise when entering the country.

Those who cannot enter the USA for more than 12 months in a row must apply for a so-called Re-Entry Permit in advance. With this permit, the Green Card holder may stay outside the USA for up to 24 months. This permit is a good solution, especially immediately after receiving the Green Card, to be able to prepare the final emigration. Depending on the age of the holder, this permit is also associated with a bureaucratic effort and costs of 575-660 USD.


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